1.  The Lessee is fully responsible for the rented bicycle. The Lessee is instructed in the proper handling of the bicycle at the start, with the bicycle only being handed over once all questions have been answered. At this point in time, the Lessee also confirms that s/he has received the bike in perfect condition. (For e-bikes, the Intuvia and handling of the e-bike are explained to the Lessee). It is not permitted to pass the bike on to third parties. By signing, you state that you consent to adjusting the saddle height, brakes and bicycle geometry in the correct manner, in line with your personal details.
  2. The Lessee has presented an official identity card, passport or driving licence, and consents to leaving this document as collateral/deposit.
  3. The rental equipment is not insured. The Lessee must ensure that the bicycle is stored in such a way as to prevent it being confused for another, damaged, or stolen. The bicycle must be kept in a locked room or in a locked vehicle overnight.
  4. The rented bicycle is not insured. In the event of theft, breakage or damage caused by improper use, the Lessee shall be liable for its fair value or the repair costs. Cycling through streams and sea water is not permitted.
  5. In the event of theft or accident, the Lessee must inform the competent security authorities within 24 hours, and notify the Lessor of this. NOTE: Personal liability insurance often includes a “custodial care clause”. This excludes claims for liability arising from damage to third-party items that the insured party has rented, leased or borrowed.
  6. The Lessee must immediately notify the Lessor of all defects and damage to the bicycle without delay. If no such notification is given, the Lessee shall be liable for all additional costs arising from the failure to give notification, in particular, costs due to personal injury and material damage suffered by third parties.
  7. By signing the check-in ticket, the Lessee confirms that his/her personal information is correct, that he/she agrees to the General Rental Conditions, and that the rental equipment is in perfect condition.
  8. If the rented bicycle is not brought back in a timely manner, without just cause for this, the Lessee must expect that a theft report will be filed against him/her.
  9. We recommend wearing a helmet, which can be rented from us, while cycling.
  10. Cover against cancellation costs can be taken out online when rental equipment is booked. This cover against cancellation costs can be purchased for a supplement of 10% of the Lessor’s list price. Bookings with cover against cancellation costs can be cancelled up to two days prior to the collection date of the booked equipment. The booking cannot be cancelled if cover against cancellation costs has not been taken out.
  11. By signing these General Rental Conditions, the Lessee expressly confirms that he/she has received and understood the above information, and gives his/her consent to the processing (including transfer) of his/her data by the Lessor within the framework of the above information and with regard to the purposes detailed herein.
  12. The Contract shall become fully valid after it has been signed. The Contract is not transferable to other persons.

The place of jurisdiction is Garmisch-Partenkirchen.